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SAC Developers Level 300

Take your SAC stories and dashboards to the next level with data actions and the analytics designer.


Instructor-Led Training

About the Course

In our most advanced developer course, SAC Developers Level 300 starts by introducing students to the concept of blending multiple data sources together.  This includes bringing multiple data sources into a single model, but also bringing multiple models into a single story.  You will then learn how to take advantage of more advanced predictive capabilities in SAC. Additionally, students will learn about Data Actions, which are a type of planning function that can be executed with the click of a button once developed.  Finally, students will explore the Analytics Designer, which allows for the building of reports and dashboards with a greater degree of customization beyond what is found in standard stories.

Available Formats

Self-paced eLearning Courses - Coming Q3 2022!

On-site Instructor-Led Training

Remote Learning Options

Recommended Prerequisites

The following courses are the recommended prerequisites for this course:

  1. SAC Foundations / SAC End Users

  2. SAC Developer Level 100

  3. SAC Developer Level 200

Included Modules

The following modules are included in this course.  Download the full APU Course Catalog to view the included lessons and learning outcomes for each module:

  1. Blending

  2. Smart Predict

  3. Data Actions Part 1

  4. Data Actions Part 2

  5. Analytics Designer Part 1

  6. Analytics Designer Part 2


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