• Justin Muldoon

How Can Analysis Prime University Accelerate My Team's Capabilities?

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Commitment to Cutting Edge

Since its inception, Analysis Prime has been positioned as a champion of SAP and the constant advancement of its products.  In addition to helping shape enhancements for, our company has also implemented some of the largest SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) opportunities to-date. As trusted advisors, we needed to expand our realized value to you, our esteemed clients.

As such, we have taken the knowledge and wisdom from these projects and commodified it into easily digestible lessons for all learners, from global enterprises to individual learners. Our core curriculum is infused with the perfect balance of consulting practices, agility and ingenuity, helping learners get the most out of their learning.

The goal of these lessons is to accomplish in days, what might take a user months to accomplish on their own.  While there are three distinct progressive learning paths, users may also engage in standalone lessons on more nuanced topics.  

Interactive Learning

Let’s consider building a house. It would be challenging to construct one without hammering some nails. Similarly, creating a project in SAC while using a live SAC tenant to navigate Analysis Prime University’s courses, helps you accomplish just that. The lessons in APU were built on a combination of instructor-led learning and hands-on story building within the SAC application, breaking the common monotony of long training sessions with thought-provoking questions, polls, and round-table discussions. Not only are these lessons meant to inform, but to also nurture the inquisitive nature of learners and spark discussion around the “why’s” of the system’s processes.   

Along with why and how, each lesson contains a plethora of industry-leading best practices, as well as latest SAC features, that help enable learners in both efficiency and effectiveness. Understanding a best practice that may not be currently utilized could help save hours of work or improve the performance of a story drastically.  Many clients are surprised to learn about capabilities they didn’t know existed within their solution. All APU content also includes reference materials for step-by-step instruction for later reference. 

Once the participants start to connect the intention with the execution of a topic, we exchange the memorization of steps for the expectation of an outcome.  As learners progress through lessons, thought-provoking questions will challenge their thought processes to contextualize the reasoning and visualize the product before starting the next lesson. Not only setting a strong knowledge base but building confidence to push the limits of visualization and analysis.   

Tailored Learning Offerings

While all APU lesson are homegrown, a client may want a more bespoke instruction option. Many certification and training options can be both time and cost prohibitive and for this instance, we offer tailored options to fit a client’s needs and budget. 

Whether it be an individual who is seeking to learn planning capabilities in a half-day virtual session, or a new team of data analysts learning to build models in an intensive two-day bootcamp, we offer the same relative level of engagement and content. This tailored approach to learning helps address client-specific issues and gaps in knowledge while narrowing cost and scope. 

Continuously Evolving Content

SAP Analytics Cloud is ever evolving, with new features added every quarter - as is the APU knowledge base. To ensure our clients are up-to-date with the latest features and best practices, we have committed to continuous thought leadership resources in the form of blogs, white papers, quick reference guides, and webinars. Topics will be gathered from a combination of release notes and new ways to resolve hands-on challenges faced while pushing the limits of the Analytics Cloud platform. 

Whether you’re an entry-level analyst wanting to learn the basics of the SAC solution, a senior director needing to brush up on your planning analytics, or just in need of a knowledge enhancement after a new release, APU has content that will help you achieve all of your goals. Ready to begin your learning journey with Analysis Prime University? Check out our full course catalogue and enroll in APU today. For additional information, get in touch with our team of experts.


About the Author: Justin Muldoon

Justin Muldoon is a Consultant on the Experts as a Service team at Analysis Prime focusing on SAP Analytics Cloud. He works as a trusted advisor to multiple clients in the realms of business intelligence, data visualization, and model architecture. He has also worked with Analysis Prime University to sculpt interactive lessons and best in class content. In his free time, Justin is an avid cyclist and enjoys all things rugby; playing, coaching, and refereeing for over a decade.