• Crystal Vázquez Zambrana

SAP Analytics Cloud Lifecycle Management Best Practices – Part 3: Exporting Objects to a .tgz File

In the second part of our seven-part blog series, we discussed Objects and how to transfer data between systems. In this next part, we will demonstrate how to export objects. Fortunately, SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) provides multiple options for exporting objects. One of these options is to export a .tgz file. To do so, you must meet the following pre-requisites:

(1) Admin and/or BI Admin standard application roles.

(2) Must have Read, Maintain, and Share permissions of the Lifecycle privilege.

Exporting objects in the file system

Having met the above criteria, let’s walk through the process of exporting objects. Let’s begin by navigating to the main menu and selecting Transport.

Next, select the export option:

Click the File System option that is located at the top of the screen:

To create a new export file, select the + sign:

You will notice an output with multiple objects. Select the checkbox of the object that you would like to export.

An entire category of objects can be selected at once or you can choose specific objects that are tied to that category:

Please note that when a story is selected, all dependent objects are selected automatically, however, you may remove them if needed:

Once finished making your selections, click the export icon:

Enter the name of the file and select Export:

You will see the progress of the export file on the top of the screen:

Once the export process is completed, a TGZ file will be available in your local downloads:

Good job! You have just learned how to export objects using a .tgz file. Now, are you ready to import those objects to another system? Stay tuned for the fourth part of this blog series to learn how to import objects using a .tgz file.

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