• Grace Smith

Welcome to Analysis Prime University

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

A message from our Director of Learning and Digital Enablement, Grace Smith.

Greetings and welcome to the home of Analysis Prime University (APU). We are excited to introduce our comprehensive learning program enabling ongoing value in your SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) journey. Whether you have a curiosity around analytics and planning, along with an interest in learning more about the features and functions of SAC, or wish to increase tool adoption across your organization, we have a learning solution for you.

"At APU, we take the empowerment of our clients to another level."

Our team of SAC experts has spent months defining and developing the industry’s most robust, hands-on training in SAP Analytics Cloud, utilizing the knowledge and experience of the industry’s largest dedicated SAC consulting team. We continually monitor updates to the SAP Analytics Cloud product, to refine our core curriculum and associated thought leadership to meet your evolving needs and learning requirements. Our end goal is to help our clients maximize their return on investment of adopting SAC.

Analysis Prime University is not merely a one-stop shop for quick “how-to” information about the SAP Analytics Cloud system. Rather, this training program is an active and growing knowledge platform composed of our extensive curriculum of modular and digestible lessons, tailored around your specific function and interest. We identify and resolve the knowledge gaps within your analytics team, ensuring you get the most out of your analytics and planning investment.

At APU, our goals are simple

  • Empower customers to self-sufficiency in working with SAC.

  • Deliver best-practice perspectives, based on real-life SAC experience.

  • Enable users to manage and maintain their SAC system.

  • Deliver best possible value on our customers’  SAC investment while simultaneously minimizing the cost of bringing in 3rd party help.

  • Collaboratively guide learners to explore system potential through in-depth, hands-on, and highly-interactive sessions.

We invite you to explore our SAC learning offerings – you’ll discover a training program that our clients proclaim to be game-changing for user adoption, self-sufficiency, and for maximizing the return on their SAP investment. Get started today or contact us for additional information.


About the Author: Grace Smith

Grace Smith is Director, Learning and Digital Enablement at Analysis Prime University. Her expertise is in learning design, technical training, strategic change management, and business analysis in complex, client-centric environments. Through her career, Grace has designed and executed global training enablement programs incorporating multimodal training delivery, change management, and technical content development best practices. Grace's focus on learner-centric training enablement is grounded in supporting clients through their digital transformations in cloud and on-premise sales, time-capture, content management and payment processing ERP and CRM system implementations. In her spare time, Grace enjoys hiking, painting, reading, and cooking.